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Jim Greenwood | Website

jim greenwood sirius dog challengeWe provide behavioural and field work for all types of dog, because training leads to freedom.

Our aim is to promote a better understanding between you and your canine companion. We believe that the problems we have with our dogs are usually through a lack of communication. No matter if your dog is a pet or a worker, let us help you with the communication process. With understanding, the partnership between dog and owner is formed - it's a two-way street.

We work with all breeds, and an essential element of our work is to provide continued support after a consultation, through email and by phone. We have found this to be really valuable, as we travel the country helping people and their dogs to form a partnership, with our communication working both ways.

Safe4 Pets Disinfectant | Website

Safe4 Pets DisinfectantSafe 4 has been leading the field of disinfection control for twenty years and is proud to be helping its clients to attain the highest standards of care within their industry sectors.

Whether you are operating in the animal welfare, health or public utility sectors you will find peace of mind and confidence by becoming a member of the Safe 4 family.

If you feel you could benefit from our range of products and would like to take advantage of our on site training and product support services why not contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Safe4 Disinfectant Cleaner concentrate is the only product in the veterinary sector with DEFRA approval against three notified orders in all four fragrances. DEFRA approved Disinfectant

Milgi Coats | Website

milgi coats - luxury houndwear made in the UKWe specialise in making beautiful Fleece Coats, Raincoats, Walking Out Coats, Hi Viz Coats and Bandanas for Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets

Our coats are beautifully made and specially created for greyhounds, lurchers and whippets, every size coat we make has been tested by real hounds so you know they will fit. All coats are carefully constructed, lined with cosy cotton flannel or fleece and bound to ensure a smart finish that will keep their shape. You won’t find our fabrics being used by other companies, they are carefully selected for quality and to ensure your hound looks stunning.

Every greyhound coat, whippet coat, lurcher coat, boot bags, dog bed and bandana we sell is made in Wales and the Westcountry. We use experienced sewing machinists and are proud to be supporting manufacture in the UK. We have previously supported an Apprentice and now as we grow we've been able to increase the number of our UK based machinists, even our labels are manufactured in the UK.